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CLEAR YOUR NAME was established in 2007 and it trades under CLARRIONCALL COMMUNICATIONS, under the Company's Act (1973). The company is 100% Black-owned and it is BEE affiliated.

The company trades in the rescissions of judgements for credit application at Magistrates Courts by applying for the judgements to be rescinded in terms of Section 36(2) together with Rule 49 of the Magistrate Court Act 32 of 1944.

We strive to make a difference by helping build and support sustainability and bringing our clients to credit worthiness.


Our clarion call starts with our mission, which is enduring and bringing South Africans into the credit worthiness. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions


• To bring Joy between creditors and customers
• To inspire moments of optimism and happiness
• To create value and make a difference
• To bring South Africans into credit worthiness


• Defaults/Adverse Listing

• Judgement Listing

• Sequestration/Rehabilitation Order

• Administration Orders

• Rescission of Judgements

• Debts Reviews


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Credit Checks: We obtain your personal profile from the various Credit Bureaux, Trans Union ITC, Experian, and we obtain your profile from the TPN System. From these records we will exactly see what to do in order to clear your name from the various credit Bureaux. We advise you accordingly and send you your profile for your own records. We establish and report on how many listings reflects on your personal profile. We also assist in setting up of a monthly budget.

Client agrees and signs Legal Pack and Mandate (Power of Attorney): we send you your legal Pack which shows you which companies have listed you as a bad payer. You will read the legal pack and if you are 100% with the legal pack you will sign the power of attorney and send us back the legal pack to commence with your matters.

Creditors: We contact your creditors and establish if there is an outstanding amount due to the creditor who has blacklisted you.

Judgments which have been paid in full: All the listings which have been paid in full we will immediately send those creditors our legal documents for them to sign. The creditor will sign these documents and send back to us in order to apply for a rescission of judgment. Once we have received the original documents and a court file our attorneys will then apply for a court date and apply for a rescission of judgment. Because it is motion you don't need to appear in court we will do everything for you. Once the judge has gone through the necessary documents a court order will be issued to rescind the judgment. With this document which we will receive will then be forwarded to the various credit bureaux to permanently remove the listing from their database. A copy of the court order will also be forwarded to you for your records.


What is credit report?

Is a record of your credit activities. It lists any credit-card accounts or loans you may have, the balances, and how regularly you make your payments. It also shows if any action has been taken against you because of unpaid bills.

Where / How can i get my credit report?

We can pull out a full credit report for you from our TPN system for only R300.00. OR you can visit www.transunion.co.za & www.experian.co.za for your free annual credit report.

Can my name be cleared if I still owe the creditors?

NO. Your debts must be paid in full for us to clear your name from ITC.

How long does it take for my name to be cleared?

The process takes 11 to 21 working days for case around Gauteng. For cases in other provinces, it could take up to 2 months.

Can Clear Your Name consolidate my debts?

NO. The client has to pay for their own debts. Our task is to remove any listings on the clients' credit report...provided they have paid the accounts in full

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